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ORS group 

What we do

We ensure that every individual staying at our refugee facilities has a safe place with somewhere to sleep, space to carry out activities and access to food and medical care. We are able to adapt our capacity quickly and flexibly and put infrastructure into place in a straightforward manner. Managing large-scale reception and repatriation centres accommodating hundreds of refugees is part of our expertise, as is providing individual care and support services adapted to the needs of our public sector clients.

What we do | Accommodation and provisioning

Safe arrival 

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To come to a strange country as a refugee can be a frightening experience. On behalf of our public sector clients, we provide new arrivals with security and orientation, a balanced diet that takes cultural and religious factors into account, and primary care. We ensure that everyone knows what will happen when and how they can make the best use of their time while waiting for a decision on their asylum application.
To ensure that everything runs smoothly during their stay, we provide clear, straightforward infrastructure, with detailed procedures and routines. Our quality system enables the ORS support team to access the required documents and templates directly and easily.
Social care

What we do  |  Social care

Orientation and first steps

Our social care team helps residents of our reception centres to structure their day in a meaningful way and offers each individual an activity that gives them pleasure. Our youth workers support children according to their age group and introduce them gently to our structures. Art, music and sporting activities bring all cultures together and help promote peaceful co-existence. Our work opportunities help restore a sense of self-esteem to the refugees and actively involve them in the work process. Thoughtful social care is the final element in our support portfolio. These measures, which are of central importance to ORS, contribute to a positive, respectful environment.

What we do  |  Integration

Creating an outlook for life beyond the centre

Integration starts from day one but it is a process that can take several years. After life in the reception centre, our aim is to discover each individual’s potential and equip them to live independently in their new home country, according to their strengths and abilities. We and our partner companies provide coaching to prepare them for entry into the job market through language and culture courses. We offer training and support through every step of their journey towards independence, regardless of government aid.
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