ORS is an international service provider offering professional assistance to refugees, from accommodation to integration. Neutral, flexible, mindful.

The ORS Group at a glance

'The best care services in the asylum sector for public sector partners.'

For almost 30 years, we have been committed to the provision of high quality care services on behalf of governments and authorities through our national companies in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Greece. As a private service provider, the ORS Group assists asylum seekers on their arrival in a new country, supports them over the duration of the proceedings and helps them to integrate socially and professionally in their local communities. And for those whose asylum applications have been rejected, we ensure that operations at the repatriation centres are just as smooth.

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Our services

ORS provides professional services – generally assigned as part of a public tender process –for governments and public bodies. We ensure that every individual in our care has a safe place to sleep, space to carry out activities and access to food and medical care. We are able to adapt to changing numbers quickly and flexibly and get infrastructure up and running without having to deal with red tape. Our strengths lie in managing large-scale reception and repatriation centres with several hundred places, and responding to the individual requirements of our public sector clients.


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Our values

Neutral, flexible, mindful. Our values guide us and are the basis of our actions. As a neutral service provider, we often have to take quick, simple action without neglecting the needs of those in our care. Accommodation, care and integration support – for refugees, these are the essential pillars of daily life, and we provide them every day with thought, commitment and passion. 

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‘Every centre has its own heart.’

Jörg Zaglmayr, Regional Manager South, Germany

At first, the process of establishing a hostel for asylum seekers may feel as though it’s an endless bureaucratic battle: service targets, processes, quality management. But the central issue is to provide the best possible care for refugees. It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that this not only requires social responsibility and skills, but also efficiency and a lot of legwork, as the example of Sigmaringen shows.     

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Training for employees working in the asylum and migration sector
Ready to go from day one! Our employees are fully trained in their responsibilities from their first day at work. Our training courses are also open to interested external participants in some countries.

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Diverse, skilled and dedicated. Our staff have excellent social and specialist skills and a professional approach. They are multilingual, know how to interact with people and communicate well. These impressive interpersonal abilities mean they are able to assert themselves well, particularly in challenging or stressful situations.
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