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We are politically and religiously neutral. We provide competent and reliable services to support and integrate refugees and social welfare recipients.


We are approachable and committed without sacrificing objectivity.

Our focus is on advice and integration, with no influence on official proceedings. We work transparently, and we proactively and critically evaluate the quality of our services.


We are service providers, offering integrated assistance to authorities and society. Our years of international experience enables us to call on proven processes. This means that we can act in an agile and cost-effective manner.


We respond quickly and efficiently to short-term changes with effective solutions for our partners and the people in our care.


Our actions are guided by reliability and fairness – principles that also inform our tangible focus on quality. We adapt our tried-and-tested methods to the given requirements and develop them continuously.


People are at the heart of our work and we seek to communicate as equals, respecting the dignity of others and promoting the self-determination of the individual.

We take responsibility for our actions. Our goal is to provide prospects and create added value, both for those entrusted to our facilities and for the local population and businesses.

We always set ourselves the highest goals, consistently pursuing them with decency, modesty and care.

How we lead
Values  |  How we lead

How we lead

Lived values through successful leadership – the continuing positive development of our organisation is also reflected in our new management values. These were drafted at the Leaders’ Conference in Zurich in October 2019 in consultation with 40 managers from all the different national companies. They build on the company values ‘neutral, flexible, mindful’.
We trust in our colleagues’ skills and demonstrate this by delegating responsibility to them.
We weigh up situations carefully, make decisions rapidly and act in a sustainable, resource-aware manner.
We communicate respectfully and openly. We listen to others and share information promptly.
We are a role model and set an example of what we expect from others.
We lead carefully and promote diversity among our teams.
Quality management
Values  |  Quality management

Quality managementand systems

We deliver high-quality support that is neutral, flexible and mindful. Our quality management system supports us in this by ensuring carefully calibrated and complementary processes.
These certified processes standardise our procedures and free up more time for the task at hand: to assist those living in our facilities in a way that is reliable, fair and transparent. This is the principle behind our quality policy.
Resident management
Resident management

NAV helps us to ensure holistic resident management across different user groups, for each facility or for each individual care recipient.

In addition to comprehensive resident and service management, NAV also provides extensive reporting options and the highest security standards.


Quality management system for employees

Administration of case dossiers for the people we assist, management, bookkeeping & controlling


Quality management


Quality management

IN - Qualis



Code of Conduct
Values  |  Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is an overarching set of guidelines for colleagues at all levels. It governs how we interact with one another, what our values are and how we behave as a result, and obligates us to act transparently, consistently and ethically.

> ORS Group Code of Conduct

> ORS Group Corporate Social Responsibility Statut

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